Your World of Thinking

Would you like time to think?

I give parents quality time in an encouraging environment for them to come to gain peace, strength and freedom through the power of independent thinking.

 – Peace:  Uninterrupted peace and clarity in your own decision making.

 – Strength:  Unshakable confidence and strength with the direction you choose.

 – Freedom:  Free to be you – free to feel – free to think – free from worldly expectations.

I’m Sophie and I love learning about how children and adults learn and coming across Time to Think, by Nancy Kline, and experiencing a ‘Thinking Environment’ for myself, has changed me.

I’m a qualified teacher with five years of classroom experience and now I’m a full time home educator with three children.

I have experience in helping children learn by following their interests and now, having trained as a Time to Think Coach, I can also help adults do their best thinking and learning.  

My passion lies with parents like myself, who are surrounded by technology, distractions, busy-ness, interruption and the constant rushing around that our society has encouraged.

I challenge you to literally STOP!

By stop I mean do just that. 

Switch off your phone and any other distraction right now. 

Take a deep breath and pause.

Think about this for a moment…’What is your biggest challenge right now?’  Email me your thoughts.

If ‘Lockdown 2020’ has taught me anything it is exactly this!  We literally need to stop and start thinking for ourselves.

Something has to change.

I would love to help you with this.



What People Think

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"The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of thinking we do first."
Nancy Kline