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Everyone needs more time to think...

…I know I do!

I am now a fully qualified ‘Time to Think’ coach and I can’t wait to share my learning with people.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more. 

What is a 'thinking environment'?

In my sessions I use ‘Thinking Environment’ principles to enable you to do your very best thinking.

The ‘Thinking Environment’ is based around 10 components including:

  • Attention
  • Equality
  • Ease
  • Appreciation
  • Encouragement
  • Feelings
  • Information
  • Difference
  • Incisive Questions
  • Place

Each component is powerful individually, but when all ten are present it will take your thinking to a deeper level.

What a Session Looks Like With Me

When we meet for a coaching session the aim of it is to enable you to think for yourself.

Our brain goes through different waves of thinking and usually in everyday life, we aren’t given the opportunity to delve deeper because we are interrupted, busy and we aren’t given the generative attention that we need to ignite multiple waves of thinking.

You can bring absolutely anything (and I mean anything) to the session that you would like to think about and you can use the time exactly how you want to.

For example, it can be as simple as thinking through how you’d like to organise your home, to where you would like to go on holiday to how you would like to read more.  Or going deeper to thinking about your family life, your past, your job role and parenting issues. 

The thinking you do is entirely up to you.

My role is to give you time, create ease, give you my undivided attention and only ask questions when you need them.

The session is confidential and whatever is said in a session, stays in the session and is never talked about again unless you choose to bring it up.


Within a coaching session with me, you have permission to display your emotions as they emerge during the session.  For example, if you need to sit and cry for the whole session, that’s ok!

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Thinking Together

If you would like a thinking session with a member of your family (your husband, wife, child, parent etc) this can be arranged.  These sessions are facilitated to give all participants thinking and listening time together in an environment free from interruption and with plenty of ease and encouragement.

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"In order to know what we think about something, we usually have to talk about it first."
Nancy Kline