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“I established in ‘lockdown 2020’ that my purpose and passion is for supporting parents and children.”


“I have a big heart to help others in any way I can.”

“I’m a confident parent and know about the ways in which children learn but I’m by no means perfect.”

Parents and Time to Think

 As well as the complete joy that parenthood brings, it also brings exhaustion, frustration and we face many problems and difficulties along the way.  There can be so much information out there about how we ‘should’ do things that it can be overwhelming.

The power of independent thinking enables you to become confident and clear in your decisions about all things in your life.  After a thinking session it’s like having a ‘weight lifted’.  It’s incredibly freeing and simple, yet it’s not commonplace to experience this in our culture.

My aim is to help parents learn how to think for themselves but also offer ‘thinking environment’ principles that empowers parents to use these with their children.

Children and Time to Think

One of the most frustrating things for me about our culture and society is that children are ‘told’ what to think, what to do and what to learn.

I want my children to be fully immersed in the power of independent thinking.  Even before I came across ‘Time to Think’, I knew that I wanted them to be in charge of their learning so that they grow up loving learning for a lifetime.  The ‘Time to Think’ principles are a way of ‘being’.  If we are able to model these with our children, they will naturally learn and adopt them for themselves.

If something I’ve said resonates with you then please take a look at what I offer and join me in this exciting new chapter in my life where I start to implement this way of ‘being’ in my home and share tips and advice with others about how they can do this too.

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